"One may conquer a thousand men in a thousand battles. 
But the person who conquers one’s own self, is the greatest conqueror of ALL."
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"Even the Strongest Person is limited by the degree of their Connection & Self-Mastery!"
Founder of Indomitus
Christopher Jones
(hoʊmoʊ ɪnˈdɔ.mɪ.tʊs)

 Literally translated, it means "Untame Human Being".

The Four Pathways of Indomitus start with developing mastery over the fundamental aspects of life; aspects we have long since lost connection with, The Four Pathways... The way we EAT, BREATHE, MOVE and CONDITION ourselves against adversity.
This is a journey into the heart of YOU!

These are Pathways that will lead you face to face with the one element you have spent a lifetime hiding from… 


As Humans, we were made to endure. Everything about us was designed to thrive, even in the most challenging and hostile of environments. It is a fact that we have found comfort in bending our environment to suit our own needs, which has softened us immensely. We were ALL born WILD...
It's time to reconnect our INNER BEAST!


EVERYTHING in life needs to either expand or it will perish. Everything we do is based on this philosophy of expansion, and nothing is wasted or superfluous to that purpose. We also know that for a person to expand, they must be appropriately supported. That is why the FOUR PATHWAYS of INDOMITUS exist! 


As humans, we tend to take. We take from the people, places and things around us in order for us to survive without realizing that there is an UNLIMITED source of power within US!
Connection to this power begins with connection to ourselves, which once established, will then serve to guide others to their own inherent and fundamental POWER!
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What Are The Pathways?
The Four Pathways of Indomitus are ALL within you and are made available to you by the way you choose to interact with the world. The things that you do RIGHT NOW in everyday life, can either keep you stuck exactly where you are, or propel you forward in your GREATEST EVOLUTION!
Redefining our relationship with food, we use it to Create a foundation of Health, Wellness and Vitality within the physical body in order to prepare it for the work that lay ahead with the remaining Three Pathways.
Techniques that teach us how to harness the power of the breath in order to leverage everything we do and gain absolute control over ALL aspects of ourselves; Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic.
What is Movement Alchemy? It is a fusion of external, musculoskeletal perfection that focuses on a balance between core strength, coordination and flexibility with internal energy movement and flow.
By putting ourselves into scenarios that challenge and stress us physically, mentally and emotionally, and utilizing the Pathways of Breath and Movement in those spaces, we step into a higher version of ourselves! 
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